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Moving to Uni made easy with Packmate!

Calling all students! We know how hard it is to pack everything into the car and then to make space for it all in your new room (let’s face it, halls aren’t famous for their epic proportions!). So how do you make sure you can fit everything in when you head off to Uni this September?

That’s where a Packmate bag comes in really handy. There’s a whole range of different types to choose from depending on the space you’ve got available in your new room. Some you can pack under a bed, some stack and they all vacuum pack your belongings so they take up hardly any space at all.

“Great – but how much is this going to cost me?” we hear you ask. Well they’re actually a really cheap option for storage and transporting all your worldly goods (from as little as £5), so you can make sure you don’t leave any essentials at home. And with this great offer you can get a range of Packmate bags to get you started

Because our storage bags are waterproof and dust proof, you can have peace of mind that your belongings will stay protected (even if they’re stuffed under the bed when your parents visit – yes we’ve been there too!).

To help you get started here’s the rundown of our storage bags and how you can use them:

◾ Travel Roll Bags – fab for backpacks, small suitcases, boxes (you don’t even need a vacuum for these) and they’re brilliant for toiletries. They’re waterproof so if anything leaks, it won’t ruin your clothes. Also brilliant if you’re off on a gap year.

◾ Flat vacuum and high volume – these bags are a must for your bedding, bulky clothes (winter is on its way!), pillows and other home comforts you want to take with you. Also really good for storing washing (and handy to carry when you go back home and give it to your mum!).

◾ Storage totes – stackable or under your bed options make these a must if you’re short on space at Uni. Store clothes, make-up, shoes … the possibilities are endless.

Have you made a list?

Whether you’re a fresher or a returning student, lists are a brilliant way to make sure you’ve not forgotten anything. And then group together items into the different types of storage bags (you can even do a colour coded list if you’re the creative type) and it’ll be easier to find everything when you unpack.

We hope you have a happy and stress free move and good luck with your studies.

August 31, 2015 by The HSD Team
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